Friday, March 11, 2016

508. Love

Posted by Iera at 2:40 PM

Love is not how we forget, but how we forgive. 
Love is not what we see, but what we understand.
And love is not what we hear, but what we feel..
One thing that can not forgotten about you is when you are present in my life to be with the confidence that you gave me..
If we should be parted, always remember when we made things together..
Love her as usual
The past is the choice that we've been through. The future is a choice that we have planned.
Forget the end of our story because it will only make you always grieving. 
Be happy as always...

*Cinta kita hanya kita yang tahu.. Kita berpisah kerana kita terlalu sayang antara satu sama lain..perpisahan ini bukan satu kekecewaan tapi keredhaan yg membahagiakan..

24hb Nov 2015



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